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Toronto International Film Festival Features "Modris"

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Boo Productions' feature film Modris has been selected for the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Greek produced movie that is based on real life events, is scheduled to hold its world premiere during the Festival Tuesday, September 9th, in the Contemporary World Cinema Section.

The synopsis of the film: "Modris (17) is no better and no worse than any of his peers. He lives with and is raised by his mother, but their relationship is poor. Maybe, this is due to his obsession with slot machines. The downhill movement begins when he pawns his mother's electric heater in order to squeeze out a win on the slot machines. The simmering conflict with his mother boils over and she betrays him to the police. It is when his adventures with the justice system start and he starts looking for the father he has never met", as stated on the Boo Productions website.