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Annet Artani: Domestic violence led me to leave Greece

She was one of the most stunning girls on Fame Story, the musical reality-talent show which broke the ratings counters. Annet Artani, while in Greece was married to her partner after a very torrid love affair. Only it did not last forever and quickly her dream became a nightmare.


Annet Artani, speaking via Skype to "Mia" show, confessed what she experienced at the hands of her ex boyfriend. The singer, who nowresides permanently in the USA where she was born, described the harsh scenes and torture at the hands of the man she fell in love with. What she was living led her to abandon Greece in a miserable psychological state.

"When my star started rising in Greece, our relationship changed. I saw another profile. I tried for two years to go, but deep down I loved him and I did not want to leave. I was embarrassed because it the bruises showed," describes Annet Artani.

The singer described one of the hardest facts of abuse: "He raised his hand. My neighbors, who were upstairs -
may they always be well- called the police. I had fallen. Then I went to the hospital. I was too embarrassed to go to the police. My head was broken. Tufts of my hair came out in his hands. The first time was when he pushed me into an elevator. Of course, his best friend was there."

Indeed, Annet has written and performed the song entitled “Alive,” wanting to send a message to all women who have experienced or are experiencing abuse.