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Lakis Lazopoulos' mom laid to rest

Crowds gathered at the Church of St. Nicholas in Larissa to bid a final farewell to Ririka Lazopoulou, the mother of popular comedian and actor Lakis Lazopoulos and his brother Kostas, who died at dawn Saturday, 85 years old.

She had undergone heart surgery and was defeated by postoperative complications because of her age.

Among the relatives and friends of Ririka were also several artists, actors, businessmen, and of course colleagues and friends of Lakis Lazopoulou attended. Among them  entrepreneur Dimitris Kontominas, who reportedly arrived by helicopterfamous singer Haris Alexiou and close friend of Lakis, director Yannis Smaragdis.

Mayor of Larissa Apostolos Kaloyiannis was also present at the funeral.

Wreaths in memory ofLakis Lazopoulos' mother were sent by, among others, Prime Minister. Alexis Tsipras, the Vardinoyannis family, Eugenios Spatharis, Dimitris Kontominas, Constantina Spyropoulos, associates of Al Tsantiri News and employees of Alpha TV.