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When Monica Bellucci met Olga Kefalogianni in Thessaloniki

Featured When Monica Bellucci met Olga Kefalogianni in Thessaloniki

Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni had a meeting with Monica Bellucci on Thursday afternoon in Thessaloniki.

The great Italian actress is the co-headlining guest of the International Film Festival, on the occasion of her film about Maria Callas. At the same time, she was honored by the Festival with the "Golden Alexander" for her overall contribution to cinema.

According to a relevant announcement by the Ministry of Tourism, Kefalogianni and Belloucci discussed not only the film about Maria Callas but also the institution of the Thessaloniki Festival, which they agreed is doing an excellent job with extroversion and quality, "being an important weapon in the image of the city and its cultural identity".

Monica Bellucci reiterated that she especially loves Greece and that she visits it often. For her part, the Minister of Tourism invited her to visit our country again and show her, as she characteristically said, the hidden beauties of Greece.