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Bizzare Celeb Baby Names Explained

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Hollywood superstar Kate Winslet offered an explanation as to why she chose a peculiar name for her son.

Following the trend of bizarre celeb baby naming, Kate explained to Ellen DeGeneres that there is a meaningful reason behind it. Born this past December, Bear Blaze is Kate's third child. She was inspired to grant him the first name Bear in honor of her friend's nickname. "He was very much a bear, he was everybody's shoulder to cry on, he was a big bear hug. He was just this great figure in my life", she described.

In recent years many celebrities have chosen unorthodox names for their children. It is reported Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy, due to their love of the color blue and in reference to the Roman numeral IV. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West chose North West for their little girl as an inspirational and not directional moniker, while Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin coined their daughter Apple because it sounded sweet and wholesome.

Regarding his middle name Blaze, Kate and her husband Ned wanted a name that defined their union. Referring to the fire where she met her husband and destroyed billionaire Richard Branson's Caribbean dwelling, they settled on Blaze to pay homage to the events of that day. Her first children Mia and Joe have rather traditional names. And while Bear Blaze has a rather unconventional one, his last name is Winslet, not Rocknroll like his father's. A very all around untraditional name selection with a lot of meaning behind it!