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Nikos Christofakis Wins Pan-European Photo Contest

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Greek photographer Nikos Christofakis took the winning picture at the pan-European photo competition.

His submission depicts a beggar outside the nation's central bank.

The award-winning Hellenic artist explains, "In my job is the time that dictates everything.  What I feel is what I do.  This is the most important thing for me.  Everybody can look, but do not necessarily see.  I am never doing calculations or considerations, I see a situation and I know that is correct.  Everything is a subject.  Each subject has a rhythm.  Feeling is the reason to exist.  The camera is my tool.  Through this I give a cause to everything surrounds me".

Christofakis portrays himself as a "street photographer" and does not restrict himself to categories. Of his award, the creator claims, "I'm excited, but more pleased that I managed to put a picture of Greece – unfortunately – the worst in the European Parliament, where decisions are taken".