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"The Nest" Stars Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

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Comedy's superstars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are gearing up togethor once again, to play sisters in the upcoming film The Nest.

The movie focuses on the 30-something siblings, who discover that their parents are selling their childhood house. It documents a weekend of the two entertainers fighting, bonding and maturing together.

The Nest is sure to be a hit with the comedic chemistry felt onscreen between the two, who are extremely close in real life. The performers have had longtime success, initially working side-by-side as Saturday Night Live humorists. The 2014 Golden Globes co-hosts drew the largest audience the event has experienced, in ten years. They have signed on to host the awards show again, together in 2015.

Tina Fey is a Greek-American, who often publicly jokes about her ethnicity. In her 2011 bestseller Bossypants, the author pens, "What 19-year-old Virginia boy doesn't want a wide-hipped, sarcastic Greek girl with short hair that's permed on top?".