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Mavromatakis Wins Nashville Film Festival's Best Actor Award

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Greek actor Manolis Mavromatakis won the Best Actor Award at last week's Nashville International Film Festival!

He was awarded with the honor concerning his "The Enemy Within" film performance. Unfortunately as Mavromatakis stated, he didn't have the financial means to travel to Tennessee to accept his award in person.

"The Enemy Within" is directed by George Tsemberopoulos and is also up for an award at Beijing's fourth International Film Festival. In the movie, Mavromatakis plays the role of 48-year-old garden store owner Kostas Stasinos. After criminals rob his home, the humble man's life perspective and lifestyle is severely altered.  He is forced to confront the violence afflicted on his family, and tries to regain their peaceful existence. Neither the actor or director could afford to travel to the American Festival.

Currently, Manolis Mavromatakis is directing the play "Brokenville", which will be performed at the Athens Festival on the Porta Theatre's stage. 2014 marks the Nashville Film Festival's 45th anniversary and is one of the oldest festivals in the country. It was held between April 17th and April 26th.