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"Recent Works" Exhibit Opens May 9th, NYC

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May 9th marks the opening of artist Marina Karella's "Recent Works" exhibition, at New York City's Chinese Porcelain Company.

The exhibit features a stellar installation of a mystical landscape that encompasses forty gentle portraits. The successful Greek artist's theme in her most recent works is greatly influenced by her ethnicity; the idea that "a beautiful mind lies within a beautiful body".

Karella's idea centers on the passing of time with frozen monumental images. Each featured facial expression depicts emotions of romance, nostalgia, meditation and fragility. Through the expressions, the creator designs a poignant paradox of human rejection and desire.

The Greek painter's portraits are developed with colored pencils, oil paints, and graphite on transparent paper. She then frames the images and superimposes them on three walls, encased with an envisioned landscape and a pale illusory.

"Recent Works" by Marina Karella runs from May 9th until June 6th. A portion of the exhibit's proceeds will be granted to the Society for the Prevention of Crueltly to Children in Greece. The gifted Greek artist is married to Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark.