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Greek Presidency Logo Wins European Bronze Medal!

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The European Design Awards honored the Greek Presidency's visual identity logo created by Beetroot Design Group, a bronze medal under the "Brand implementation" sector.

The Awards event was held May 24th in Cologne, Germany. The yearly European Design Awards commemorate European artists for stellar imageries in the communication field. The event's efforts are in collaboration with leading European design magazines, and is endorsed by the International Council of Communication Design.

The Beetroot Design Group described the Hellenic state's winning concept as: "Aiming to focus on achievable and incisive goals and not extravagant political decisions the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU commissioned us to create an identity, which relates to their political agenda".

The Group added: "Our proposed logo resembled a sailboat in full sail, formed from the initials of the European Union suggesting that EU citizens are sailing together towards a common future...The almost archetypical forms of the identity convey visually the goals of the Greek Presidency, while also maintaining a sincere and optimistic communication style".