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Game Of Thrones Deleted Scenes (Video)

By Louie Koutros


Those of us still hungry for anything Game of Thrones related, get a nice little treat before the new season begins on April 4th. Take a break from counting the days and in some cases the hours (we know who we are) before the season premier, to enjoy a small taste of what we missed out on last season. Including some fairly poetic dialogue from Grand Maester Pycelle.

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True Detective

By Louie Koutros

The new HBO series, True Detective, which premiered on Jan 12, follows two detectives played by Woody Harrelson and a brilliant Matthew McConaughey. Set in Louisiana, with striking imagery, hauntingly poetic dialogue, and a cloud of mystery, as the hunt for a serial killer is under way. With both an intriguing plot and deep character development, we're left wondering which is more mysterious, the crime they are trying to solve or the characters themselves?

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