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Off Broadway gets electrified by Porphyra, A Grecian Rock Opera

This past weekend on May 13-15th a sonic rumble was felt in NYC's famed West Village's Players Theatre. Labeled as "Byzantine Rock" by the press, "Porphyra, A Grecian Rock Opera. Anna and Vladimir: The love that ROCKED the world," blew all expectations on their three day Off Broadway run. As a little known production one year ago, Anna and Vladimir, became the first Greek themed Rock Opera to debut at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Now re-inspired and revamped with fresh new talent the show that blended Hard Rock and Metal with Greek and exotic sounds send the audience on that distant trip again back to the year 988AD, to medieval Greece.

Νέα Υόρκη: Ροκ Όπερα με θέμα το Βυζάντιο (Video)

Η ιστορία του Πρίγκηπα Βλαδίμηρου Α' και της Άννας Πορφυρογέννητης λαμβάνει σάρκα και οστά σε μια ελληνική Ροκ Όπερα off broadway. Η «Πορφύρα» θα ανέβει στο Players Theatre από τις 13 έως και τις 15 Μαϊου, με την υπογραφή των ομογενών Βασίλη Χρυσοχόου και Γεωργίου Τσαλίκη και άλλους γνωστούς και ελπιδοφόρους συντελεστές.

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