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Off Broadway gets electrified by Porphyra, A Grecian Rock Opera

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This past weekend on May 13-15th a sonic rumble was felt in NYC's famed West Village's Players Theatre. Labeled as "Byzantine Rock" by the press, "Porphyra, A Grecian Rock Opera. Anna and Vladimir: The love that ROCKED the world," blew all expectations on their three day Off Broadway run. As a little known production one year ago, Anna and Vladimir, became the first Greek themed Rock Opera to debut at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Now re-inspired and revamped with fresh new talent the show that blended Hard Rock and Metal with Greek and exotic sounds send the audience on that distant trip again back to the year 988AD, to medieval Greece.

In this Heroic Age of Basil II Emperor of Byzantium, our story chronicles Princess Anna Porphyrogenita and her marriage to Grand Prince Vladimir of the Kievan Rus. An incredible story of Love, War and Peace this special "concert" version of the Porphyra musical was raw, energetic and filled with a bevy of beautiful dancers. It features Director and lead vocalist George Tsalikis as Vladimir and Marlain Angelides as Anna. This time around we get introduced to two characters that were missing from the Carnegie debut; that of Dom Giovanni as Emperor Basil II who is Anna's brother, and Elaine Tuttle as Princess Olga, who is Vladimir's mentor and grandmother. Four amazing rock voices tied together by the beautiful and charismatic narrator Mantalena Papadatou. Choreographer Dena Stevens outdid herself once again by bringing an exotic dance element to the show. Her Shazadi Dance Project graced us with herself and four other beautiful dancers, Mia Stevens, Peishan Lo, Alicia Kubeck and Carola Gremlich.

With original music written by producer/guitarist Billy Chrissochos and lyrics by Billy Chrissochos and George Tsalikis, and book by George Tsalikis, the group is rounded out by Mike "Risko" Savvas on guitar and his exotic Tzoura (a smaller cousin of the Bouzouki) and Grzegorz "Greg" Swirszcz on bass (and all around sound technician). The percussion section was a force to be reckoned with Richard S. Khuzami playing all sorts of percussive instruments ranging from the Doumbek to the Daouli and James Shepherd holding the entire ship steady on his mighty drum kit. The rest of the production consisted of Elias Markos on Lights, Despina Chrissochos, Chris Pollatos and Demetrios Tsinopoulos.

The cast, crew and audience was treated to a special award ceremony on the Friday premiere as Mr. Ioannis Maronitis, President of the Club for UNESCO Piraeus and Islands and Member of the Board of the World Federation of Associations and Club Centers for UNESCO, responsible for Europe and North America, awarded the entire cast of Porphyra. He also appointed Mr. Billy Chrissochos as a Director of Modern Music for UNESCO Piraeus & Islands after the recommendation of international classical composer Panagiotis Karousos. And on Sunday the production had the esteemed pleasure to have the Consul of Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation Mrs.Veronica V. Nevzorova in attendance.

Porphyra, A Grecian Rock Opera will hit the Off Broadway theaters again soon and with your help you can also help crowd fund our second album at Crowdzu and hear for yourselves what the buzz is about. Get your exclusive gifts and perks only at www.Crowdzu.com. Help support us now. Deadline is June 30th. And for more information please visit www.Porphyrarockopera.com.