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Porphyra Modern Rock Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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New York based modern rock band Porphyra has launched a $10,000 kickstarter campaign, with nine hours to go!

Their new album "Faith, Struggle, Victory" offers unique metal and hard rock songs, that is sure to be a hit.  The attribute of Porphyra's kickstarter campaign is that the album has already been mixed and mastered, and has been secured by three different CD creators. With the desired funding, it can be mass produced and the band can start touring. The deadline for contributions is today!

Porphyra is an eclectic modern rock band whose style encompasses Greek folk, classical and progressive music, with hard rock and symphonic metal. As the band states, its name choice "Πορφύρα" means the Purple or Porphyry Chamber; a pavilion of the Great Palace of Constantinople where no child born anywhere else could legitimately be called Porphyrogénnētos (born in the purple)-the birthright of all Emperors and Empresses of Constantinople.

Porphyra has transformed timeless themes of Greek history, mythology and science fiction. The band offers listeners a new fresh sound in the rock music genre. To learn more about Porphyra's kickstarter campaign, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1652624391/faith-struggle-victory-porphyras-new-epic-metal-al.