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New York City is Healthier

Translation by Lisa Darilis

New Yorkers have learned to be more health conscious. Thatʼs what the Department of Health studies show, which tells us that "The Big Apple" has restricted its intake of junk food, sugary soft drinks, and smoking.

Al Pacino to Play Aristotle Onassis on his island Scorpios

Translation By Lisa Darilis

The "green light" for a movie to be filmed about Aristotle Onassisʼ Life on his island Skorpios is being considered by Dimitri Ribolovlef, the islandʼs current owner. At first Ribolovlefʼs negotiations on allowing filming on this location were negative, but newreports indicate that that the new owner of "Onassisʼ Paradise" is reconsidering.

Bon Jovi Shows his Greek Colours

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Bon Joviʼs concerts have acquired Greek colors, as the famous band intensifies their dynamic with Greek-Canadian guitarist Phil Xenidis, otherwise known as Phil-X.

New York: The Map on Greek Education is Changing

Translation: Lisa Darilis

Registrations have come to a close at the Greek American Schools in New York and ithas generally been concluded that this education system will need changes to withstand the demands of the Greek community. Charter schools have been opened up at a time when four Greek Orthodox parish schools have ceased to operate.