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Al Pacino to Play Aristotle Onassis on his island Scorpios

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Translation By Lisa Darilis

The "green light" for a movie to be filmed about Aristotle Onassisʼ Life on his island Skorpios is being considered by Dimitri Ribolovlef, the islandʼs current owner. At first Ribolovlefʼs negotiations on allowing filming on this location were negative, but newreports indicate that that the new owner of "Onassisʼ Paradise" is reconsidering.

The details on this biographical film are still discrete, but the film industry in Argentina, wherethe first scenes of this film will be shot, are buzzing that filming should begin around theend of October. Thereʼs is still a chance that is might be filmed on location at Skorpios,along with a chance that Al Pacino will will play Onassis and will once again give life tothis Greek myth.

The new popular prospective blockbuster will be making itʼs debut with the direction of Brazilian Academy Award nominee, Fernando Meirelles, who directed "City of God," and "The Constant Gardener."

This film will be based on the book "Nemesis: The True Storyof Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down The Kennedys," written by Peter Evans. This book received many criticisms as it was feltthat its plot was not based on evidence, but more on sensationalism.  The book "Nemesis" became an idea for a film in 2011, when Academy Award nomineedirector, Meirelles, bought the rights to the book at a time when his fame rose to power with the shocking gangster adventure "City of God."

In the spring of 2012, as the book was transforming more as a script in Meireillesʼ mind,he already envisioned the actors he wanted to cast in its roles. He would like the 36year old Irish actor, Michael Fassbender, to play Bobby Kennedy and the infamous AlPacino or as a second choice, Xavier Bardem, to play the leading role of Aristotle Onassis.

This film, which will most likely bring about controversy, will begin its setting with theearly years of Onassisʼ life abroad in Argentina, then it will go one to depict hisantagonistic relationship with shipping rival Stavros Niarchos, his love affairs with MariaKallas and Jacqueline Bouvier-Kennedy, but it will mostly be centered around Onassisʼ turbulent clashes with Robert Kennedy.
Meirelles wants to begin filming at the earliest in the midst of 2013 or the latest by thespring of 2014.

The production has been taken on by the company "Pathe" and the estimated cost is believed to reach 30 million dollars. The duration of filming isexpected to go on for ten weeks.

In accordance with what the Brazilian director Meirelles stated two years ago, filming in Greece will not likely take place, since Skorpios isnʼt accessible. The chief plan was that scenes of Aristotleʼs years in Buenos Aires would be filmed in Bucharest, his time in New York would be filmed in London, and his time in Greece would be filmed in Croatia.

It remains to be seen what the final decisions would be in relation to where the filming would take place, as well as whether or not the island of Skorpios would be included in this.


As the selection of the lead actor and the mystery surrounding the selection of who would play Jackie O come into question, one fact remains constant, that one myth will encounter another if Al Pacino takes on the challenge to embody the character of Aristotle Onassis. The choice of Pacino for this role was based on his physical resemblance of Al Pacino.
Although there were second thoughts due to the age difference between Al Pacino and the early Onassis depiction, it just seemed that Pacino was a perfect fit, although Xavier Bardem was also considered for this role. For the role of Bobby Kennedy it was simple...it was hands down a victory for Michael Fassbender. It is still unknown as to who will play the role of Jackie Kennedy. Evanʼs book "Nemesis," which will now become a film made its first appearance in the theater in 2010 with screenwriter Martin Sherman. He focused on the billionaireʼs last twelve years of his life and his relationships with women.

Sherman created the image of a cynical Onassis with a character consumed with challenging the weak gender, which he attributed to the cause of his pursuing famous women. He also depicts that Onassis backed an Arabic terrorist organization, which allegedly was involved in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, Jackie Oʼs brother-inlaw, as he tried to convince her to accept his marriage proposal.

The 2010 theatrical production at Novello Theater in London starred Robert Lindsey in the role of Aristotle Onassis and Lydia Leonard played the role of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Meirellesʼ film and Shermanʼs theatrical production share one common core...Peter Evanʼs scandalous and ambiguous book "Nemesis."
Meirelles, as a director and screenwriter, is investigating the possibility that Onassis himself payed for the assassination of Robert Kennedy. In Evanʼs book, it is portrayed that Aristotle Onassis accused Kennedy of being responsible for the failure of an important business deal he had with Arabs, and it is speculated that he paid off some Palestinians, who were involved in the prospective deal, to assassinate Robert Kennedy.


In another version of this story, Onassisʼ first wife, Tina Livanos, exposed Onassisʼ plan to her lover, who happened to have been Onassisʼ shipping rival, Stavros Niarchos.  He supposedly called it all off.

As U.S. Senator and Attorney General, Robert Kennedy stood in Onassisʼ way, and had even been allegedly responsible for Onassisʼ forbiddance to trade within the borders of the United States of America.

The antagonism and the rivalry between Onassis and RFK over his marrying Jackie, according to the book "Nemesis," resulted in Onassisʼ paying off Robert Kennedyʼs assassins. The mysterious plane crash later that resulted in the death of Onassisʼ son, Alexander, perhaps was the price he had to pay for this sin.

Truth or myth, these two scenarios are what consume the new film.
In short words, this film is not so much about the biographical life of Aristotle Onassis from birth to end, but it will focus more on the last chapter of his life, which involves Jackie Kennedy and Onassisʼ relationship with the United States of America.