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Mediterranean SOS Network Launches Yearly Campaign

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Today, Mediterranean SOS Network held a press conference to announce its yearly "Clean the Mediterranean" campaign.

The Athens-based nonprofit organization's topics of discussion, concerned plastic bags and their horrific dangers on marine life. This year marks the campaign's 19th run.

In a Patras University analysis, plastic bags were the most prominent form of litter found in Greek waters and coasts. Plastic items and aluminum canisters amount to approximately 50% of Greek waste. Additional studies have determined that plastic generated 83% of Greek floating debris.

MEDSOS Network president Evangelos Koukiasas stated, "Disposable plastic bags are a major problem for the marine environment. Greece is one of the few countries of the European Union that has not taken any legislative measures to stop this method for transporting foods".

This year's "Clean the Mediterranean" campaign promotes awareness on plastic bag usage risks and has organized volunteer beach cleanups, sea floors swipes and various natural region pickups in Greece. The campaign kicks off on May 1st and ends June 30th. Greek Environment Ministry Special Secretary for Waters Maria Hatzigianni was present at today's press conference, and stated her hope for the nation to gain 400 blue beach flags in 2014.