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Environment Minister Maniatis Heads Possible Natural Gas Interruption Meeting

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Today, Environment Minister Yiannis Maniatis directed a meeting concerning the possibility of natural gas provision interruptions over the winter season, as a result of the Ukrainian turmoil, as reported by ANA-MPA.

A halt in natural gas resources would hinder residences, companies and power plans that rely on them. Revithoussa's liquefied natural gas hub has the means to alleviate the nation's need if disruptions do occur, while natural state gasses can be administered for alternate energy.

The Environment Ministry has confirmed that the European Commission has requested all member nations to create stress tests and offer results by the end of the month. In discussions, Maniatis was informed on the Greek test's direction, along with the various state efforts regarding the issue.

The country's leading energy suppliers and the Environment Ministry's Secretary General Konstantinos Mathioudakis participated in the dialogue. After the meeting, Maniatis stated: "Stress Tests are a necessary precautionary measure in view of a possible disruption of natural gas supply from Russia via Ukraine in the coming winter".

The Environment Minister added, "Their results, including specific measures both emergency and precautionary, will be included in a special report that will be prepared and sent by the ministry to the EU. We proceed with all necessary actions so as to minimize problems in supply security issues caused by a possible crisis".