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The trial for the 2018 fatal fire in Athens suburb begins today

The events of July 2018 during the deadly fire in Mati, which broke out shortly after five in the afternoon when an elderly man started a fire to burn dry grasses in his field in the Dau area that got out of control, are being revived this morning before the 6th Tribunal Criminal Court of Penteli.

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Tugboat ablaze in Alexandroupolis port

A fire broke out on a tugboat (R/C), which was docked in Alexandroupolis.

According to the first information, the fire broke out - for reasons unknown so far - in the engine room area.

Three fire brigade vehicles, two private tugboats and officers of the Alexandroupolis port police/Coast Guard rushed to the scene, while, as emphasized, there were no injuries.

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Greece in the grips of fire

Greece is in the grips of a fiery nightmare, with fronts raging in Ilia and Evros, while Lesvos is also going through tough times, with fires burning still out of control.

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