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Additional worker benefits abolished

The new collective agreements signed this month, does not provide for marriage and child benefits to employees. Up until today, all employees received a 10% benefit for being married and 5% for each child.

According to “Imerisia” newspaper the new labor agreements foresee that all employees receive basic salaries and minimum daily wages and are only eligible to increments if they have established the required years to receive them by 14/2/2012.

Salaries and daily wages are lowered to the minimum wage levels of 586 euros and 26.18 euros respectively, for employees over 25-years-old and to 510.95 euros and 22.83 euros for employees under 25-years-old. These wages will be eligible for up to a 30 percent increase for those over 25-years- old and 10 percent for those under 25-years-old.

The weekly work schedule is set at 40 hours, while Christmas and Easter benefits are still eligible, unless they are “abolished by a new collective agreement”, as the new contracts state.