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Eternal students get second chance

The issue of the Greek "eternal students" was the focus of a meeting on Wednesday, by the the Minister of Education  Andreas Loverdos with Universities Rectors and Presidents of colleges.

The Minister of Education announced of the permanently deletion for about 118,000 “eternal” students on the 31st of August. However, in order for the above to take place, relevant amendments will be tabled in Parliament on August 26th.

The Minister gave a second chance to those “eternal students” who have shown active interest in their studies.

In particular, it was decided to provide two additional examination periods for students who have shown active interest in participating in the exam in the last two academic years, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

These students will be eligible to participate in the next two years and complete the exam periods in September and February, while in the same category are included those who have successfully completed their exams in courses, but have dissertations or theses or internships pending.

It is estimated that this “second chance” concerns about 30,000 students. According to the Ministy's announcement the total number of “stagnant student” is approximately 120,000 in Universities and 50,000 in Technical (TEI) schools across the country.