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Police raid criminal lair

Police searched a house in the area of Nea Makri, yesterday, believed to be the hideout of the men that had carried out a 400 thousand euro armed National bank branch robbery in the village of Distomo, in the Peloponnese, on August 22.

The home is believed to have been rented about 18 months ago, possibly by 33-year-old Spyros Dravilas, who is one of the three suspects police is looking for. Locals claimed that he did not appear very often and introduces himself as a “businessman”. However, on August 22, when the armed robbery took place, locals claim that people emptied the house on 15 Roumelis street, in Nea Makri and painted the inside walls.

Sources said there are indications that Dravilas and another suspect, Giorgos Petrakakos, used the property. Petrakakos has been linked to Nikos Maziotis, the head of the Revolutionary Struggle urban guerrilla group.