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Venizelos Sees Crisis Exit in 2014

Greece will begin exiting the crisis in the first half of 2014 was the message from government vice president of the government and foreign minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Speaking at a congress organized by the Greek Center of European Studies and Research – TEPSA, on the theme of "Europe Must Go Forward in Order to Overcome the Crisis," Mr. Venizelos stressed that the Greek EU presidency will coincide with the beginning of the Greek exit from the crisis.

The foreign minister underscored that the aim for the first signs of resurgence to begin is not just ambitious, but "a vitally necessary aim."

Mr. Venizelos noted that "Greece is a laboratory where the durability of the euro was tested, as well as that of democratic institutions," adding that during the crisis serious structural problems, policy deficiencies, and "provocative inequalities" were found on an EU level.

The foreign minister noted that during the Greek EU presidency a new milieu must be found for Europe and there should be a return to basics, and a re-politicization of the great dialogue on the future. Mr. Venizelos also noted the need to stand up to racism.