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Premier Stigmatizes Violence; Draws Fire from Left

"There will be no new measures," reiterated prime minister Antonis Samaras speaking to New Democracy's political secreatriat.

At the same time the premier stressed that we should be relentless against the neonazis and to root out the phenomena that created them.

The prime minister also underscored that criminal acts were not just the prerogative of Golden Dawn, but others have also acted so, noting the deaths due to arson at Marfin Bank a few years ago. Mr. Samaras stated that the theory of good and bad violence was unacceptable, and that criminal acts were also committed at the gold mine at Skouries, despite that some call them "popular struggles."

Justice minister Haralambos Athanasiou maintained that the center-right has supported justice consistently, while the left invokes justice whenever it suits it. The minister said that he did not issue orders to judges and they don't take orders. t the same time he noted that he wanted speedy processes, but also cautioned calm in reference to decisions concerning Golden Dawn.

Meanwhile SYRIZA called the prime minister the "high priest of political divisiveness and the theory of the two extremes," adding, "who actually covered up the arson at Marfin," also wondering why no one has been arrested. SYRIZA also accused Mr. Samaras of mudslinging against social struggles and the Left.

Meanwhile, the communist party KKE said that the prime minister demanded the submission to anti-popular policies by trying to put the criminal actions of Golden Dawn and provocations in the same kettle with just working class popular mobilizations.