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No End to Tax Evasion

No end to tax evasion as the latest round of 35 spot checks by the financial crime squad found more than 40 million euros worth of phony invoices causing an illicit outflow of 10 million euros of VAT returns.

The spot checks conducted in Attica, also revealed another 59 million euros in phoney invoices issued to aid the recipients, causing a VAT loss of 13 million for the state. The checks also revealed such cases as a plastic surgeon that failed to declare 2.3 million in income, and a popular singer that failed to register 2.7 million euros.

In Thessaloniki, in 19 cases phony transactions were found to the tune of almost 20 million euros, causing 4.5 million euros in state losses. Other cases include lawyers, restaurants, realtors.

In other checks businesses were found to have moved goods without any documents, or corresponding taxation, like a tobacco grower that sold more than 27 tons of his crop on the black market, in Lamia, or building contractors in Attica that moved 13 million euros worth of materials without any bills.