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New Center Left Political Movement

A proposal for the creation of a common political umbrella that will include parties, political movements, collectives, and persons in the Center-Left has been tabled through a document composed by 58 personalities in the fields of academia, arts and letters, politics, business, and social institutions.

The text calls for collaboration between PASOK and Democratic Left (DIMAR) without their necessitated dissolution, as well as for the inclusion of other forces of the "democratic progressive" group.

In an interview with Ethnos newspaper, government vice president Evangelos Venizelos welcomed the initiative of the "58" and called for a co-alignment of all progressive forces.

"I am speaking of the responsible Center-Left, and not petty party politicking," noted Mr. Venizelos.

Meanwhile, the so-called "movement of 75," n internal opposition within PASOK, has asked for a re-examination of the party's strategic collaboration with New democracy and an immediate change in policies, in a document signed by 800 party members.