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German inquiries for bribery in Greek weapons procurement

Süddeutsche Zeitung returns to the issue of bribes in Greek armament programs in a report.


German journalist Klaus Ott talks about revelatory emails among stakeholders in Greece and Germany. As pointed out, "the Prosecution (in Bremen) is evaluating correspondence and documents in the case of the arms scandals.

There is no longer any doubt: the Greek army was bribed to accept Rheinmetall bids. The senders of the disputed e-mails, former officer in the Navy Panagiotis Efstathiou and colleagues, "left no doubt for the Germans about how the system works."

The author notes that "the revealing e-mails” evaluated by prosecutors concern allegations of corruption in the sale of the German air defense system Asrad against 150 million euros to the Greek Armed Forces.

As outlined, "meanwhile suspicion became certainty. Efstathiou bribed officials of ministries and the Armed Forces in Athens to choose Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf surface to air Stinger missiles. And several managers of the subsidiary Rheinmetall Defence Electronics Bremen knew or consciously tolerated this in order to get the order. "

As noted in the article, "The Prosecution of Bremen is conducting investigations against 12 current and former employees of the Rheinmetall group. Some of them should expect to be brought to court. "