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Prime Minister's message for OXI Day

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Monday issued a statement on the October 28 ‘Ochi’ national holiday: "Greeks on October 28, honor those heroes who did not hesitate to offer even their lives for freedom, democracy and human dignity; those who fought against fascism and Nazism, leaving an indestructible legacy to all of us, those who made the Free World talk about the greatness and the offer of Greece to the common struggles," Samaras said.

"The epic of the '40s, recorded in the brightest pages of modern history, inspires and teaches. It gives us all an opportunity to be taught about unity and commitment to the last battle for our country’s exit from the greatest economic crisis in our postwar history," he added.
"We now move, with faith in our Homeland and trust in the Greeks, with solid and confident steps, to achieve the restoration of the economy and uplift of our society. The sacrifices made by all us have already brought tangible results. The start has been made and nobody can stop us. The victory in this relentless conflict will be for all Greeks; because all Greeks will be now able to move in new ways for prospect and hope," he concluded.