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Simitis Blasts Political Nepotism

Former PM Kostas Simitis let fly barbs against nepotism in Greek political life, in presenting the book of former Cypriot president Georgios Vasileiou, entitled "A Contemporary Odyssey."

Mr. Simitis spoke of children of political families basing their careers and political rise on the clientilistic relations of their parents, accusing them of never having real jobs, and ewxhausting their careers in getting reelected. Thus, he noted, the country's problems remain the same despite the changes in faces.

The former PM lauded the Center Left initiative launched by the "group of 58", speaking of a movement that can take Greece out of the impasse, adding that the country needs to develop an attitude of creative initiatice and cooperation.

Mr. Simitis did warn, however, that Greece is faced with dogmatism and visions stemming from old ideological constructs of the traditional Left, or are part of the Right's unfettered nationalism.

Speaking on the issue of the Greek exclusive economic zone (EEZ), Mr. Simitis proposed negotiating with Turkey, or taking the issue to the International Court.