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Betting frenzy for Joker 17 million prize

Young and old alike are rushing to OPAP betting venues in order to try out their luck at the agency's betting game called “Joker.”

Last Sunday saw a total of 30 million tickets filled out, but this number will probably be far surpassed. The deadline for filling out the coupon expires tonight (Thursday 6 November) at 20.30 pm, and the lottery will take place at 21.00 pm.

After a streak of 15 continuous jackpots, tonight “joker” will distribute a otal of 17 million euros to those guessing all the numbers correctly. The last time anyone had hit all numbers was on 11 September when the lucky ticket won 603,000 euros.

The record for winnings in the game has stood at 20 million distributed to winners after 14 consecutive jackpots in April 2010.