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Elli Stai at Athens' Authentic Marathon

Sunday morning and the heart of Athens beat to the rhythm of the Original 32nd Marathon, the Marathon that broke every attendance record.

Thousands of Greek and foreign citizens, professionals and amateur athletes, flooded the city to run with good weather as their ally, against dismal, but thankfuly, false weather forecasts.

Elli Stai famously loves running and practices fanatically for the 10 km marathon iin which she has ben participating for several years now, with increasing fanaticism. She ran far from ... celebrities and next to the real celebrities that are the thousands of people who participated.

As she says in her article “We will rock you: Why do I run?:”

"I am interested in the confrontation with myself, not with others. Every time I go to the office in the morning after running - training (training for the 10km marathon in which I have participated for several years now, with increasing fanaticism), they come with their cell phones, ready for a photo to share with others on Facebook!”

"I want to outdo myself every time I run, it's myself that complicates and resists me ..."

Therefore, she could not be missing from the Original Marathon. She participated in this great sporting and cultural event running the 10 km route, along with her son Markos Katsimis and good companionship: Christina Papaellina, the gymnast Evgenia Plota and Vangelis Tzanis, veteran marathon runner and trainer..

Her next goal: The 5 km TheTOC MERRYTHON to be held on December 14th! Get involved here.