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Criminal ring from jail to prosecutor

The first six of the total 15 people arrested during a police raid to break up a major criminal organisation that reportedly coordinated its activities from within the Athens Korydallos prison are testifying on Monday before the investigating magistrate for Corruption.


The former wife of one of the alleged three masterminds of the organization, Panagiotis Vlastos, has already testified. She has reportedly denied any involvement in illegal acts. "I divorced Vlastos four years ago. We do not have any relation. I refuse any involvement," she claimed. As for the amount of the 332,000 euros found in her house, she explained "it comes from the sale of two properties that belonged to Vlastos' father and is not a product of criminal activity."

The investigating magistrate and the prosecutor are expected to rule on whether the accused persons should be remanded in custody after the completion of the testimonies.

Meanwhile, former Defence minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, who is facing charges for participating in the criminal organisation and his alleged involvement in the attack against Yiannis Sbokos, claimed that "what is heard does not concern me." Tsochatzopoulos, who is serving a sentence for his involvement in the defense procurement kickbacks and money-laundering case, attributed his involvement in the so-called "godfathers' ring" to political interests.