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Tsipras:Openings to ND and PASOK Voters

SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras has "opened doors" for voters of New Democracy and PASOK, speaking to his parliamentary group, calling on them to understand that those that led them to the current situation are not in a position to save them.

Mr. Tsipras accused the prime minister that the only argument he posits to the troika and lenders are not the plights of the Greek people, but rather the specter that SYRIZA might come to power. He also accused Mr. Samaras of being a parliamentary deserter, and the foreign minister Evangelos Venizelos for his political actions, especially the extension of the submarine contract he signed when he was defense minister.

The SYRIZA leader called on party cadres to exhibit political maturity and to stop thinking fatalistically and miserably, also expressing the belief that voters will trust his party in the next elections.

SYRIZA will tender a proposal in parliament this week for a committee of inquest to look into the submarine issue, involving Mr. Venizelos, and accusing Mr. Samaras of offering Venizelos political coverage.