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Collect receipts and get prizes

One of the oddest reforms in a list that the new Greek government was obliged to present eurogroup creditors in a last minute bid to receive a loan extension deal, has to do with the decades-old scourge of tax evasion in the country.

The measure, implemented in Portugal and Taiwan with success, calls for a retail receipt-based lottery.
According to this scheme, a lottery will select winning number combinations that apply to receipts. If taxpayers get a winning combination on any of their receipts, they’re in for a cash prize — to be announced.
The goal is to reward tax conscientiousness with a number of prizes. The eligible receipts are expected to include sectors where tax avoidance is most rampant, namely, doctors’ visits, legal advise, services by craftsmen (plumbers, electricians etc), hairdressers, restaurants and others. Quite possibly, receipts from the tourism sector will also be included in the envisioned lottery system.