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Castle of Myrina in Lemnos seriously damaged

The Castle of Myrina in Lemnos was seriously damaged by recent heavy rains.


According to the announcement of the Antiquities Ephorate of Lesvos, a large section of the wall collapsed, in the path from the entrance of Agia Paraskevi, so the access from there by visitors, is extremely dangerous and therefore prohibited. The portion of the wall that collapsed, covered the path to a length of about 20 meters.

Reportedly, much of the castle of Myrina is facing very serious stability problem exacerbated by the heavy rains last and recent work done to it limited to the maintenance of the main portal. As it became known, efforts are made to advance the study of the maintenance of the walls and to add it to the next European Stability Package.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the Castle of Myrina is built on a rocky and steep peninsula and communicates with the land only from the east. It is the biggest stronghold on the island. The current structure dates from 1207, when the Venetian Filokalos Navigagiozo, Grand Duke of Lemnos, fortified Myrina. But his successor Leonardo Navigagiozo strengthened the castle and keptit under his rule for over 45 years. In the period of Ottoman rule Turks lived in the Fortress. During the siege of 1770 of Myrina by the Russian fleet, the walls of the fortress were seriously damaged. On the east and south side the wall is high and there is a large number of towers, while the north and west side of the wall is much lower and towers are fewer. At the highest point of the hill there there is a half-destroyed keep with many interior spaces.Also within the fortress there is a Turkish Mosque, underground vaulted spaces, and cisterns.