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Debate on humanitarian crisis bill

The debate on the humanitarian crisis bill continues in Parliament for a second day on Wednesday. A roll-call vote, asked from the Golden Dawn party, to approve the bill in principle will take place at 12.00. The voting of the bill is expected to be concluded late on Wednesday.


The government is determined to implement society-oriented reforms as well as the February 20 agreement, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said during the debate on the humanitarian crisis bill.

“If some believe that nothing changed with the elections in Greece and they dream of our country going back to the era of the memoranda, let them keep their threats for those who put up with them. No threats to this government and primarily no threats to the Greek people,” the premier said and clarified that the government is obliged to keep the popular mandate it got, a mandate to end the memoranda and austerity, to engage into a process of recovering the Greek people’s dignity and hold tough negotiations.

Tsipras called on all parliamentary parties to vote for the humanitarian crisis bill “the first bill that was not translated but was drafted here (in the country).”

Meanwhile, main opposition New Democracy party will vote the humanitarian crisis bill, its leader Antonis Samaras said. "It is the government's responsibility how it will make use of it within the framework of the agreement with the partners," Samaras said before the opening of the party's parliamentary group.

Main opposition New Democracy (ND)parliamentary group convened Wednesday at the party's headquarters. The meeting discussed the party's issues and the parliamentary group will elect the four members that will participate in the unofficial Political Council, the coordinators of the Standing Committee groups and those responsible for the sectors of the parliamentary work.