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Violence and vandalism cause row in parliament

Another fierce political battle erupted, with a backdrop of yesterday's events.

"The events of recent days are of important concern to us, but not related to the breadth and depth of the events that took place in previous years," said Interior Minister, Nick Voutsis in the House, in response to ND MP Vassilis Kikilia comment that events such as those that occurred at the Polytechnic and the House contribute to the abolition of the Ministry of Public Order. Moreover, Mr. Voutsis announced that the government temporarily withdrew the amendment providing for the inclusion of the Civil Protection Ministry under the Justice ministry, saying that the functionality of the new model has not been adequately studied, and said there was no problem with the Deputy Citizen Protection Minister.

"The decision was changed, because there would be operational problems", Mr. Panousis also noted. Regarding the incidents, he reported that there was police intervention and proof are the arrests and detentions, while on the need for his resignation requested by the opposition he commented that it is meaningless, saying: "every day I'm called on to resign."

About an "unprecedented sloppy government" spoke from the perspective of ND parliamentary party spokesperson, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

To Potami, meanwhile, accused the government for idleness, concerning yesterday's events around the Polytechnic, stressing that "tolerance has gone beyond the challenge." "The center of the city- for one more time- has been held hostage by a few dozen masked persons Not even the walls of the House escaped their slogans. Nor the main streets escaped fires. Nor neighborhoods escaped disasters. But the government remains impassive and lets “the kids” vent off steam,” said To Potami.

PASOK MP Andreas Loverdos posted on tweeter: “The citizen's protection minister should do his job or resign. Now he is again chattering. They even wrote slogans on the monument of the Unknown Soldier."

The collection of waste in the streets around the University gas been scheduled for specific times over the coming days as bins destroyed after last night's incidents were withdrawn, according to the announcement of the City of Athens. Meanwhile, the city cleaned up the walls around the House, where slogans were written in red spray, and the area around the Polytechnic. Fourteen trees were also destroyed.

The police proceeded to nine prosecutions and 21 arrests.