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Average monthy pension in Greece at €664

The average primary monthly pension in Greece stands at 664.69 euros before taxes, whereas the average supplementary pension is 168.40 euros a month, the leftist government announced on Monday.

With that number in mind, the relevant minister, Dimitris Stratoulis, said the figure puts 44.8 percent of Greece’s pensioners under the country’s poverty threshold, i.e. the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country.

Of course, the figures do not take into account accumulated assets, moveable or property holdings.

In term of other figures, Stratoulis said there were 2,654,784 pensioners / retirees in the east Mediterranean country of roughly 11 million residents.

The stats were sent to the Greek embassy in Berlin in response to an ongoing debate in the German Bundestag regarding Greece.

The Greek government added that 89.4 percent of pensioners were above the age of 61 – which means that more than 10 percent are under the age of 61.

On average, Stratoulis said monthly pension payments have been slashed by between 44.2 to 48 percent since 2010, while there were also significant decreases — up to 16.9 percent — for pensions under 1,000 euros a month due to the axing of the so-called 13th and 14th payments.