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SYRIZA: Government Is Merkel's Obedient Pupil

The government is trapped in a policy of austerity and destruction dictated by the memorandum, SYRIZA said on Monday, adding that whatever leaks to the press about "so-called negotiations" with the troika of lenders cannot reverse the subordination of Greece to its lenders and the memorandum's commitments.

In an announcement, the party said that there can be no negotiation when the core of memorandum policy, meaning austerity and the abolition of labor rights, is not challenged.

"The real change in the policy applied means the reversal of the memorandums within the framework of a real negotiation, aiming at a European arrangement to repay the debt and support growth," it said. "That's something that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's obedient pupils do not want to and cannot do, becoming more unreliable and isolated with every day that passes, not only in Greece but abroad as well," it added.