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Fraud At Sailor's Fund

As many as six people appeared before an investigating magistrate, four on Tuesday, to testify on charges of embezzling 1.1 million euros from sailors insurance fund Sailors' Home (Oikos Naftou).

The case against them, initiated after complaints from a private clinic owner concerning forged documents, includes audiovisual material as well as telephone transcripts recorded by intelligence service EYP.

Of the six, two are close associates of the president of the board of the fund, Christos Parras, a New Democracy appointee and party member.
In one of the recorded conversations, the main accused, known by the initials Tz. G., who is seconded to the education ministry, describes Parras as a "close friend", a "party boss, in Syngrou Ave (party HQ)", the location of New Democracy's central party office, and, like her, a political "party dog".

Tz. G. is 46 and a New Democracy-aligned trade unionist.
Another defendant, L.P, works in Parras' office at the fund.
So far, Parras has denied any close relations with the accused, and said he would take all the necessary legal action:

The trick seems to have been machinated by civil servants, who, according to the police, urged the owners of three private health clinics to resubmit invoices to the fund for which they had already been paid, amounting to 1,141,000 euros.

Under the deal, the defendants would pocket half and the clinic owners the rest.

However, last week, four of the accused were caught red-handed receiving an advance payment of 205,000 euros in a sting operation.

The accused are facing charges of being involved in a criminal organisation, aggravated fraud and money laundering.