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Athens mayor plea for migration issue

The use of military installations throughout the country as open camps, not as detention centers for hosting migrants, was proposed by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, speaking to SKAI television adding that the required European funds are available and unexploited.

"There is a risk of uncontrolled influx of immigrants. The situation is already critical, and can become very serious," warned Kaminis.

"There is a huge hole in migration. From immigration we havegone to a refugee crisis with many families. We need European solidarity and solidarity between the Greek cities,” he noted, adding that the transfer of immigrants to Athens is unplanned and uncontrolled. "They think that Athens is a funnel" he said.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura in a side comment said that the issue of using the camps for hosting migrants was already proposed by Defence Minister Panos Burnt, noting that the issue is a European and not only Greek or Italian.

Meanwhile, about 400 migrants, mainly Syrian war refugees, arrived at 06:30 at the port of Piraeus by ferry from Chios Mytilini.