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Alexis Tsipras' address

The main points of Alexis Tsipras' address, shortly before the extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup at 6:30 pm.


After the referendum decision, lenders tabled best proposals for debt
We immediately tabled counterproposals
If there is a positive outcome, we will respond immediately
We'll be there Monday, after the referendum
The popular verdict is stronger than the will of a government
The people through referendums have taken very important decisions
This was done in France and Ireland
In the case of Greece we had other weights and measures
The EU does not give Greece space and time
They [lenders] closed banks with the obvious intention of extending the blackmail from the government to the people
Unacceptable to have images of shame
To have banks closed the and afflict thousands of people
We are battling to protect your pensions
The proposals they gave us wanted reductions
That is why we refused
Memorandum recipes and ultimatums were not acceptable
We addressed the nation
At this time the sirens of destruction rage
They are inviting you to say yes to everything, to become one with them, accomplices in the perpetuation of the Memorandum
NO is a decisive step for a better deal
No does not mean a rupture with Europe but a return to Europe of values
It is strong pressure for a better, more fair deal, which will take the burden to those the haves
In order to end the supervision
I am fully aware of the difficulties
I pledge that the difficulties are temporary
They say that I have a secret plan to take the country out of the EU
They lie, those who say this offers very poor service to the people and the EU
I was a candidate for the European Commission in that election
I was saying even then that the memoranda are not the way to get out of the crisis
In January 2015 the people corroborated this estimate
In Europe some refuse to admit this
They plan to place the burdens on us and dream of their total reset
They are preparing a Quisling Prime Minister, they talk of a coup
Quisling governments are a coup
I assure you that this situation will be temporary
Salaries, pensions and deposits will not be lost
I urge you to strengthen this effort, to say NO to the recipes of the Memoranda