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Acerbic attack against Kostantopoulou by House channel official

With a fiery letter to House president Zoe Konstantopoulou, the program director and deputy coordinator of the Parliamentary Channel, Aristeidis Fatouros, accuses her of spying, intimidation, intolerance and create propaganda mechanism.

He describes the working conditions imposed from the day the fate of the House was grasped by Ms Konstantopoulou and the devastation of the program of the TV station of parliament.

The entire letter from Mr. Fatourou is as follows:

"Athens, July 30, 2015
Open letter of the Deputy Coordinator of the Television Station of the House to the President of the Hellenic Parliament
"Acting irrationally"
Madam President,
The consonance of the creative puppetry groupunder the well known name sadly reflects the original grotesque which has come to the parliamentary channel - and the fear throughout Parliament i-in the short period of your mandate.
The popular misnomer applied by "friends and enemies alike" of a "Zoe's channel" shows the violent mutation of the station into a mechanism of personal publicity and propaganda. The circumvention of any notion of ethics and fairness, the degradation of the information sector, the contraction of domestic production and the amputation of cultural - educational program, brutally alter the character, style and ethos of the channel.
The abolition of Staff hierarchy of the House and the channel, the decommissioning of the General Managers and the Scientific Council, the dissolution of the Diplomatic Office, the creation of a court of "volunteers", totalitarianism and abuse of power, arrogance and amoralist demonstrations, ignorance of administration and management, the selection of unsuitable persons in key positions, the unnecessary exhaustion of officials by personally imposing eccentric hours, the imposition of a climate of spying and intimidation, the culture of fanaticism and intolerance, outline the unprecedented and intolerable situation in which Parliament has come .

The culmination of this unhealthy climate is continued through hoodwinking of dozens of colleagues with fixed-term or project contracts, covering temporal fixed and permanent needs of the House, who have had "enough" of promises to convert these contracts to open-ended ones, while they remain unpaid for months and they are now in despair.
For all these reasons, I feel obliged to speak publicly about whatis  privately discussed by the overwhelming majority of colleagues of the channel and the House but also to say that I will work to the extent of my strength for the restoration of this odious, onerous, shameful, unfair and unsustainable situation.
By virtue and courage,
Aristeidis Fatouros
Program Director