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UN Calls On Greece To Spearhead Refugee Situation

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The United Nations has called on Greece to enact "much more leadership," concerning its migrant situation.

Currently 160,000 migrants this year alone have entered the nation through its waterways and borders. Last week brought increased tensions between migrants and natives arriving on Kos.

As UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) delegate William Spindler described, "The pace of arrivals have been steadily increasing in recent weeks. More refugees and migrants arrived in Greece during the month of July - 50,242 - than during the whole of last year."

Spindler added, "If the (Greek) central authority would come up with leadership and vision and appoint somebody who would coordinate this response, then we and other international organizations would be ready to come and help...But it's difficult for us to come and start working on the ground if we don't have somebody in charge." Currently 1,000 migrants each day are being found en route to Greece and Italy.

(Source: Reuters)