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CNBC: Lafazanis calls for Grexit

In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Lafazanis discussed his political views. First and foremost, Lafazanis said he aims to abolish the bailout program and cancel austerity plans. As he explained, "The principles of the Popular Unity Party include the end of national subordination and the need to follow a new independent, sovereign and progressive course."

Top on the party΄s agenda is to restore salaries and pensions to levels before 2010, as well as nationalize banks and private monopolies. The Popular Unity leader is a former member of Greece΄s Communist Party, and is opposed to Syriza΄s transformation from a party of the radical left which seeks the extensive government intervention in the economy to a European socialist party which practices modern capitalism.

"Popular Unity wants to continue the best programmatic traditions of Syriza. We want to stick to more radical commitments," he said, explaining that he will support a decentralized economy run by trade unions, workers΄ councils, cooperatives municipalities and communes.

Many in Greece believe that the momentum of the Popular Unity threatens Syriza as it reduces the number of votes needed for its election independence. "Alexis Tsipras gave up all the substantive and fundamental programmatic commitments of Syriza," Lafazanis said. "And he accepted a loan agreement that calls for destructive policies—including wage and pension cuts—which may give the final blow to the Greek economy."

Lafazanis, 63, passionately denounced privatizations, tax increases and pension cuts. He believes that the new bailout agreement is deeply flawed and does not solve the vicious downward economic cycle Greece has been experiencing since 2010. "Greece is not for sale," he stressed.

Looking ahead the leftist politician believes that an orderly Grexit from the euro area with a progressive program is a viable option. "If it is necessary in order to implement our program, we will not hesitate to leave the euro zone and re-establish a national currency. I don΄t believe these actions will be hell for Greece as the euro area propagandists claim," said the Popular Unity leader.