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Christodoulopoulou insists that islands got wealthy off of refugees

Clarifications on the statements that migration flows have increased following the resignation of the government and that islands were enriched by refugees were given by former deputy minister of immigration policy, Tasia Christodoulopoulou.

Specifically, speaking on Real FM, she said:

"Time and again the media have reported on these shifty characters on the islands that get rich and it is not denied by anyone and the islanders know it and I simply stated this in a 1.5 hour interview, from which again they isolated the relevant excerpt.

Journalists that asked me had a price list, which the NGOs on the islands had circulated, where they said that water, for ma small bottle, was sold 3 euros, hotels worth 20 euros rented to refugees at 100 or 150 euros and charging 5 euros for charging monile phones, etc.

After reading the price list, they asked me to comment. There, I said that I have unlimited appreciation for the islanders for their tolerance and patience all these months for accepting this huge number of refugees and I made the relevant comment.

However, this was isolated, as I have heard from the media. Just like everything when I talk, the news acquire a special status and I am perplexed. "

"I do not understand why what I say should be isolated"

When asked how she explains this, the  SYRIZA candidate as MP on the state ballot replied:

"In my face, they want to strike at SYRIZA and government policy, which is why I wrote in my statement that some perform "political bullying" contracts , because I do not understand why what I say must be isolated."