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Christodoulos Xiros is asking for criminal prosecution against wardens

Christodoulos Xiros is asking for the criminal prosecution against the director supervising the Nigrita prison, and the warden of the prison, with a complaint report lodged with the prosecutor .

In this he denounces torture and degrading behavior on the part of the institutions of the state, arguing that because of this behavior he is facing "psychotic problems," depressive behavior and lack of perception of reality.

In particular, Xiros indicates that from the first moment of his detention he was put into isolation.

As regards the Director of Nigrita prison, he claims that he behaves ridiculously. As highlighted in the report, the director of the prison talks to him with a demeaning attitude, telling him, among other things: "With what you have done, what you suffer is lenient, you should die alone in your cell."

Xiros stresses that those in charge of the prison banned his telephone conversations for some days and for a week there was no power in his cell.