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Archbishop: Cremation 'everyone's right' but not within cemeteries

While it was every person's right to choose to have his or her body cremated, this was contrary to the beliefs of the Orthodox Church and therefore crematoriums could not operate within Greek Church cemeteries, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos said on Sunday.

Speaking on Mega radio station, the archbishop also expressed reservations about the prospect of civil partnerships between same-sex couples becoming law:
"Should such a matter, which is a personal choice of some people, enter into family law? Must it go to Parliament and become a law of the state?" he asked.
He was equally dubious about the building of a mosque in Athens and, while admitting that everyone had a right to a place of worship to practice his or her religion, cited the risks of religious fanaticism. "Given the current situation, it would be naive to rush without knowing who will run it. Without knowing whether it will be a place of prayer or a place for teaching and fundamentalism," he said.