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Migrant returns to Turkey begin

The first boats carrying migrants being returned from Greece to Turkey have departed under an EU plan aimed at easing mass migration to Europe.

Three ships have left the islands of Lesvos and Chios this morning, carrying 202 migrants. The vice-mayor of Lesbos told the BBC that 136 people had left the island so far, most from Pakistan.
They arrived a littel after 10 this morning at Dikili, western Turkey.
As dawn broke, 131 refugees were escorted by police from EU border agency Frontex onto the waiting ferry and catamaran. The first boat, headed for the Turkish town of Dikili, left shortly after 7am local time, followed by a second boat at about 7.30am.
Reports said the boats were mainly carrying people from Pakistan and Morocco. Just two Syrians were onboard, both of whom had reportedly volunteered to travel back to Turkey.
Another Turkish catamaran was transporting refugees from the neighbouring island of Chios. Officials had not confirmed how many people were on board, the Guardian reports.

Tension at Piraeus port and Eidomeni borders, as refugees refuse to be taken to shelters, fearing deportation.

Two ships with 98 migrants and refugees at Piraeus port this morning.
Migrants in Greece have complained of a lack of information about the asylum procedure and some said they were unaware they could be returned.
The EU agency responsible for escorting people back across the Aegean has less than one-tenth of the staff needed to do the job, the Associated Press reported.