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Possible referendum for constitutional reform

Government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili, during the press briefing, did not rule out a referendum on constitutional revision.

As regards the scenarios for the election of the President by the people, she said that they, like other proposals can be adopted, or not.

On the question whether the prime minister will inform the political leaders Ms. Gerovasili said that "the intention is to open dialogue with political parties and society. All necessary steps will be given a wide consensus for these changes. "

Yesterday, during the government meeting at the Maximos mansion the Prime Minister confirmed that the issue of institutional change is high on the agenda for the government.

Ministers Giorgos  Katrougalos and Panagiotis Kouroumblis  reported that the government's proposal for constitutional revision will be ready by July 20 and on the 24 of the same month Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will present it to the Greek people.

As regards changes in the election law Ms. Gerovasili stated that they would be "in the direction of proportional representation." She added: "Recommendations and considerations  are tabled go from government and party organs."